The title is the error code for Sony Play Station Network that hit worldwide causing a crash to its server today. I can’t connect to the PSN store nor even update my trophies. But I can browse the net, even download video game updates! What hit me the most that I was afraid at first that my PS3 was crashing so I thought of backing it up. Where in the hell am I supposed to find an HD and an OS that support formatting FAT32? and I needed like 30 GBs worth of FAT32 formatted Hd, such a sick joke! I tried using the Swiss Knife app, but it didn’t work and it kept crashing with windows 7 . Now, after checking the net and seeing that its a global crisis, all we can do is sit and hope Sony fix it before its too late!

Update: More Updates from Kotaku, Gizmodo and waiting for the fix!


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