Memory, Sorrow And Thorn

What can I say? I just finished last night the 3rd part of this epic and I’ve gotta say ”In your face, bitches” to all hardcore Lord of the Rings fans who didn’t read this series of fantasy. Written by Tad Williams, this epic is divided into 4 huge novels each is around 800+ pages. I’ve bought the whole thing in May 2005 and I’ve been reading this till now. Actually, I’ve staggered the most in the 2nd and 3rd part where dozens of characters and plots were introduced so the thing got bigger and bigger to a point where there are like 4-5 arcs to the main story. The whole thing is about the adventure of a boy called Simon who discovers the legend of the three mystical swords while the whole world is turned upside when the oldest of the ruling king takes over after the death of his father and pacts with an undead storm king to rule over the lands. I’m thinking to start reading the fourth part, but I’ve got dozen of novels I’ve gotta finish before hitting another 800 pages of action! This is series of fantasy that you can’t afford to miss!


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