Feb. 25th…and what remains

Allow me to take this great opportunity to salute and honor all of our fallen martyrs, POW’s and MIA’s of our Kuwaiti brethren who gave their all to our mother nation, Kuwait. My dear heroes, you’re eternal in our hearts and minds and we will never forget your effort in liberating this country from the clutches of evil

ابطال المقاومة و الشهداء الابرار رمز الحرية في قلب كل كويتي


Memory, Sorrow And Thorn

What can I say? I just finished last night the 3rd part of this epic and I’ve gotta say ”In your face, bitches” to all hardcore Lord of the Rings fans who didn’t read this series of fantasy. Written by Tad Williams, this epic is divided into 4 huge novels each is around 800+ pages. I’ve bought the whole thing in May 2005 and I’ve been reading this till now. Actually, I’ve staggered the most in the 2nd and 3rd part where dozens of characters and plots were introduced so the thing got bigger and bigger to a point where there are like 4-5 arcs to the main story. The whole thing is about the adventure of a boy called Simon who discovers the legend of the three mystical swords while the whole world is turned upside when the oldest of the ruling king takes over after the death of his father and pacts with an undead storm king to rule over the lands. I’m thinking to start reading the fourth part, but I’ve got dozen of novels I’ve gotta finish before hitting another 800 pages of action! This is series of fantasy that you can’t afford to miss!

Up In The Air

Last time I was in Bahrain Airport, after another meeting with the GCCIA, my Kuwait Airways flight was 40 minutes late, so I had to buy something to read. This book’s cover grabbed my attention. It’s a fiction novel about a constant travel who can’t sit in one place because of his work. So, he becomes obsessive with gaining air miles and upgrades. Distraught by his line of work, he submits his resignation in order to achieve one goal: to reach 1 million air miles! I liked the plot at first glance because the character resembles me in this certain mission. Obsession with air miles, upgrades, frequent traveling and meeting all kinds of people everywhere. I recommend this book and it’s available at Amazon for a fair price. Aside from that, it’s being promoted as a major motion picture starring George Clooney. Can’t wait to see that!!

SD Gundam G G-Generation Cross Drive DS Lite LE

I know the title sounds a bit way long and hard to get, but this is the limited edition Gundam-related DS Lite package along with SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive cartridge. I got this through either NCSX or Play-Asia, go figure! Both of them are great! This is way too old to brag about but I’ve decided to post as much stuff I got on capture as I can to move on for newer things!

RIP Abduallah Kabli

This past Saturday I’ve lost someone dear to my heart. You see, this guy was one of my best friends in high school years though we went to different schools far away from each other. He was like a brother to me, we totally shared the true taste of heavy metal and hard rock. Since I left to the states in 1996, I rarely got in touch with him. I haven’t seen him since maybe 1999. In the past two years, I’ve been trying to locate him but to no gain. On Sunday, I read his obituary in the newspapers and was shocked! He was only 30! When I went to to express my condolences to his family, I found out that his was fighting cancer this past year or more. I regretted not finding him before. I hope he knows that I truly loved him and considered him my comrade in life. Dear Abdullah, rest in peace my brother and may God accept you in his heavens. I will always keep playing the music you’ve loved, White Zombie!!

PS: Listening to Axel Rudi Pell’s version of “Temple Of The King” that night made me cry…Can you feel it?