Trashy & Nasty TGI Friday’s

Ok, I know it was Thursday night at the Marina Mall TGI Friday’s, I know it was Egypt Vs Ghana for the finals, and I know most of the Egyptian workers were busy watching the game rather than tending to the customers, But this was one of the trashiest bathrooms I’ve seen so far in such franchise establishments!!! Just look at the open mini-sewer in the ladies’ and all the water and tissues in the men’s!!

New bowling joint in 360

We decided to try this new place in 360 (in the far top of the mall) and it was Ok, except full of kids and not that much choice for ball sizes! The nice thing that they had some funny 3D cartoons for each score aside from speed measure for each try and the actual location of the remaining pins! They charge for the whole set 3 KDs per head, shoe rental included!!