Ys Legacy Special Box NDS JPN

Hell yeah!! I got that I think last year from play-asia and never had the chance to show it online so here it is!!! I really hate the US box, sucks ass!! Unfortunately, our friendly Atlus combined the two games into one cartridge to save on money!! That was really smart of them!! The box contain both games (Ys I & Ys II), A drama soundtrack and two cellphone Ys straps. It was a rough number to pay for, but it was worth the toss-in’s !


Sega GameGear: Outrun

The best racing game released on a SEGA machine ever. I can’t believe OutRun 2006 is just released. I mean I played this game on arcades, on Mega Drive and it was my addiction on GG. Clear animation and lovely mix of colors. The controls were very basic, since you have the option of AT/MN gear shifting choice at the start screen, and pressing down on the control-pad will shift gears in the MN gear choice. 2 players mode is also available if you have a game-link cable connected with another GG. I played this game days and night just to listen to its good music, aside from trying to break time records. An all-time classic.