Immortal Records:Hachimitsu by Spitz

OK, this is a very old album. I remember listening to ”Robinson” on Channel [V] when it was first released as a single back in 1995. Here in Kuwait, we don’t get J-Pop albums and stuff like the rest of world so when I was in the states in the mid 90s I tried locating this album, but it was hard to do so. Until one of my Japanese buddies got it for me from Japan. You can’t imagine the happy look on my face. I’ve used to sing along to ”Robinson” with my Japanese buddies in our Friday night parties! Man, those were the days! There are many good tracks to this album which I can’t remember right now..but this is a true gem. I keep playing the whole album over and over. Another album to match its uniqueness its My Little Lover’s ”Evergreen” which I’ll post about it later on. Meanwhile, try to get this album if you really love the true J-Pop/J-Rock! Spitz, Thank you for this album!