Be 7aramiya. Be Wataniya.

~With all respect to Marlon Brando, the greatest Godfather of all time~

A couple of days ago, Wataniya contacted and told me that they’re suspending my Wnet service due to excessive downloading, which is causing a slowdown on other users on their network as well as abusing downloading limits. When I first signed with Wnet I asked like 500 times with very specific questions straight-forward style about the downloads policy since I’m a straight downloading guy, I own a net connection to download, not to chat. I told them that I’ll abuse it since there’s not limit policy and they said its fine. Read the contract hundred times, and according to them, they didn’t specify the fair usage policy, unlike Zain which also mentions it. After contacting Wataniya at their doomed building, I met a very bright operation manager who understood every point I’d mentioned here. I found out that over 5 months period, my download was around 140 GBs. Now, using math : 140 GB over 5 months period and applying the 30 GB per month policy means that they own me 10 GB!! He said that if I want, I can go ahead and cancel my subscription or keep it and wait for an official announcement regarding the new usage of the service since it has been suspended for almost 95 users that Wataniya claim were behind the slowdown and the shitty service they’re been delivering to users. Since I’ve moved in Al-Shuhada from Al-Salam and my HSDPA service has been shitty, almost a bar of service reception and unstable. Most of the time it switches to EDGE, the crappiest of all. I had to tweak the router so as to enforce it to connect using UMTS/HSDPA only. HSDPA works on a local area network using a cellular tower. Me, living in Al-Shuhada can’t affect somebody living in Um-Alhayman or in Qadsia.

Bullshit after bullshit, we, the users, are being abused from such organized crime as this but nobody wants to intervene to help and protect. False advertisement such as ”Unlimited Internet” means unlimited in every sense. What they actually mean in their contract is unlimited access to the net. Now, which fucking ISP in the country is charging per entry on a paid subscription? Are they fucking bullshitting us?
Till now, I didn’t get back again at Wataniya to see what’s up with them because I want to cancel the subscription from their side so I don’t end up paying fees for canceling the contract and I don’t want to pay for the shitty router which is totally useless. I’ve been without internet for like fucking a month now and it sucks. That’s the major reason why I’ve been out of blogging for a while. With Wataniya in target, we will continue to assault!