Boycott the Gods

~No No No!! This is not a rant about Led Zeppelin, the greatest band on earth!!~

Prices are on the rise in Kuwait. City Center, for example, isn’t the first nor the last in the continuing series of greedy super-stores. Last time I was there, I found that infant milk (Bebelac AR) priced at 2.150 kD!!!! I usually buy it at Co-Op’s for 1.550 KD! 600 Fils increment. Dilizia Pastry and sweet at Surrah raised a whole KD for a kilo of kanafa mabrooma, imagine that. I used to buy it for 3.500 KD and it went to 4.500 KD. A whole fucking KD! Fast food restaurants are the same too. KFC raised since like 3 years ago almost 500-600 fils on all meals. The world is suffering bird flu and the fuckers sell chicken for +1.600 KD. Hardee’s, the shittiest place in USA where they give a free sandwich if you buy a one, followed the path of KFC, or should I say at the discretion of Amreicana, the mother company of Baskin Robins of the above mentioned. I used to buy value meals at Hardee’s at 1.100 KD or around 1.150 KD. Now they’re priced at 1.350 KD and more. WTF?McDonald’s is another case. You go into their drive-thru at S.Surrah for example to find the prices on the glass menu which is at the entry of the drive-thru listing their meals 1.300 KD. When you arrive at the Cash register, you’re asked to pay 1.450 KD or so. Now, what’s the deal? Who’s the running the scam here? In a free country in a free world you have the right to boycott and use all available media to ask your fellow citizens to do the same and expose those bastards. But since we’re living in a wasteland, no media is available for the true public. No one can fight the evil merchants here. These times are the times when we feel that we have gods in our wasteland, true gods made by uncle dinar. Question: Who can step up to the gods here?

PS: Join the Saudis in their fight against Greed in, a forum that was made to expose the bastards across GCC countries.

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