Only in Japan Vol.2

New Gundam Keitai game: This is a very awesome function in Japanese keitai units, where you can use your keitai to play a Gundam game and swing the keitai like a beam saber. I wonder if we will ever see this coming to GSM mobiles.

Biohazard Original Jacket for keitai: This is awesome! They have a S.T.A.R.S version and a Umbrella version according to your taste!

Pokemon Customized JAL jet: Just how far can you go in madness?


Down The Toilet: Waleed Junblat

The grandson of a national Arab hero, this one turned out to be a major bastard backstabbing all of Lebanon. No wonder! Because he’s a fucking durzi! Those bastards are what makes up the Arabs of Israel, so you can see betrayal in their roots. Don’t confuse Durzi’s with Muslims, because them guys are worse even than Jews. His father was also blasted to bits, so you can guess the future of this snake. I never liked Syria but I can see them nailing his ass one day. That will be your time, Junblat. That will be your time to flush you your shitty face down the toilet.

When Death Calls


No prayer for the dying

No need to say anymore. All thanks to as you like bazoon! for the campaign against corruption.


Makaveli Out — LunarDream In

Due to change in plans for world conquest, I’m not using my Makaveli nickname anymore (beside the 12 million blacks that are using it online) and switched to LunarDream which is more personal to me and the address and the blog has been changed. I hope you’ll like it.
The End has just begun.