Hades Project Zeorymer

Although I’ve watched this OVA very late, I have to admit that this is one ass-kicking robot anime that has no match yet. Zeorymer is very underrated because of the gloomy and dark story it contains. According to Wikipedia, the OVA is a a pretty cleaned version of the violent and adult comic it was based on to gain a bigger fan base.
Unfortunately, the budget isn’t as big as you think so don’t expect HD animation, but it holds out just fine. The music is pretty cool, though there is no ending theme, credits play out at the beginning of each part. The OVA consists of four parts, each is around 25 minutes. To tell the truth, I’ve met many that told me that Evangelion had a pretty crazy storyline. I can counter their opinion since Zeorymer by far beats all robot shows in having the darkest and most twisted storyline. And yes, it keeps up with Ideon , Victory Gundam and Zeta Gundam’s death counts. As far as the storyline, it’s so fucked up that it made me admire the creator for making by far the worst anti-hero main character who kills in cold blood. After watching Masato in the 4th part, you’d think that Devilman Amon is piloting Zeorymer.
All of what I’ve mentioned made this show currently my favorite super robot show. It’s totally awesome when it’s left out by the stupid American Gundam Wingers, we just don’t need them.
I give it all my thumps!!

We pay the price

Who pays the price?

Today is September 11, 2007. No need to say more. Six years ago, I was chilling in the states. Now, I’m here in this shithole because of that. Fuck you, Osama. 


We pay the price.
In Kuwait today, the idiotic PM’s and the yellow newspapers rode the doomed wagon of “National Unity” just because of a normal TV drama that was going to show the true face of the other religious sect in the Gulf region. Needless to say, it’s very known that since the liberation, we, the original Kuwaitis and majority, are suffering because of the recent rise of the minor sect which paved its way, all thanks to the privileges and alliances made with the government.