My First ever Newspaper Box!!!

Well fellas, here it is!! My first ever Newspaper Box! Since I got back from states (6 years ago) I never bothered to subscribe to any newspaper because either:

  • They’re all sucking ass for the government or serving the goals of their evil owners without any any honesty towards journalism or its ideals (Al-Watan).
  • Journalistic failures that continue to lure foreigners and Kuwaitis into commercial monthly draws where mostly illiterate low-paid workers get to win (Al-Rai).
  • Around Eighty percent of those who write in Kuwaiti newspapers don’t carry any kind of diploma or a university degree of any sort, just to give you an idea of what kind of printed crap you’re reading (Al-Watan, Al-Rai, the rest..).
Screw all of that! This is Al-Jarida‘s box that you see (I just took the pic this evening) and I recommend that you start reading it. It’s free for the meantime (Subscribe through their website) and it has started with a lot of interesting ideas and things that I call it Kuwait’s USA Today (Now that’s a newspaper!).

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