Sony Ericsson K810i

Yep, I just went lux and got myself a K810i after getting a stealer deal from Bico. Used for 3-4 days for only KD 85! Brands new goes for like KD 110! That’s a steal! At first, I never liked the appearance of the phone, because I had a couple of phones in my mind. I was thinking about W910i (Future), K770i (Future) or even W960 (Future). Since none of them saw the light yet, I figured that I’d better get the best phone right now and stick with it for the mean time till Sony Ericsson thinks again about making a new OS system. I admit that I was gonna get K800i, but its bulkiness and keypad buttons distribution drove me off.

Slim, light and bright. That’s what I can say about the size and weight of this phone. Screen size is 320×240. New keypad layout for circular steel buttons. Awful shortcut keys.
3.2 MP camera with Xenon Flash and AF, RSS Reader, TrackID, FM Radio, Multimedia player, My Friends, HP Print, SMS/MSS/Email/Audio Message, Picture Blogging, etc.
For a detailed review, check this review at GSMArena, the best site for GSM mobiles worldwide.

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