My First ever Newspaper Box!!!

Well fellas, here it is!! My first ever Newspaper Box! Since I got back from states (6 years ago) I never bothered to subscribe to any newspaper because either:

  • They’re all sucking ass for the government or serving the goals of their evil owners without any any honesty towards journalism or its ideals (Al-Watan).
  • Journalistic failures that continue to lure foreigners and Kuwaitis into commercial monthly draws where mostly illiterate low-paid workers get to win (Al-Rai).
  • Around Eighty percent of those who write in Kuwaiti newspapers don’t carry any kind of diploma or a university degree of any sort, just to give you an idea of what kind of printed crap you’re reading (Al-Watan, Al-Rai, the rest..).
Screw all of that! This is Al-Jarida‘s box that you see (I just took the pic this evening) and I recommend that you start reading it. It’s free for the meantime (Subscribe through their website) and it has started with a lot of interesting ideas and things that I call it Kuwait’s USA Today (Now that’s a newspaper!).


Last Friday (the same Friday when I went to that JW Mariott shit-hole), I decided to check out Ratatouille with my lady after watching the trailer. I became so interested in this movie since Pixar is doing this project and it’s about cooking! I reserved two tickets at Sharqiya Movie Theater and went there with my lady. The parkings are packed like a fucker. It’s Friday night and all the fucking foreigners and kuwaitis just don’t have shit to do, so they all decided to go to Souq Sharq and piss off LunarDream! Fuck that! Back to track, well, I got my tickets through the packed lines of families and children (I swear, this is the last time I’m going to a cartoon during the happy-family hours, I just hate kids!) and to my surprise, I found out that Cinescape has shifted my seats by a seat. You see, I reserved the 2nd and 3rd seats from the opening of the last row so I could have an empty seat adjacent to me to relax and not to be bother. The fuckers at Cienscape decided against my will that it wouldn’t be beneficial to them and shifted me and my lady seats to the opening of the row, meaning I got that first empty seat!! Anyway, while the movie started showing pretty top-notch graphics, the story seemed too adult to the kids. The dialogue, the ideas, personal principals and characters were just too grown up and the kids can’t find any character to associate with. And oh listen to this: some parents just don’t get that this movie is in ENGLISH with Arabic subtitles, and most of the kids in the theater just didn’t seem to understand a thing. Their kids seemed only familiar with Space Toon Arabic shit. I really liked the graphics and the story, though the fucked-up MOI had to do its crappy job in editing and censoring scenes they think of it as improper for the mass public. I paid KD 5 to watch a good movie, not to enjoy the cut-and-paste done by the fucking crappy editors. Though the movie was enjoyable, it seemed kind of slow-paced at some points that people seemed yawning and lost interest. I know my lady got bored at the middle because of its slow dramatic events. The major flaw about this movie is the secondary character, the protagonist boy. He’s just made to be pretty crappy and more of a weakling. I just didn’t dig him at all. Overall, this movie could be pretty good when viewed in your own personal freedom while watching a sharp unedited version of it, away from all of these little bastards I had to deal with at the movie theater. And by the way, this movie has a very good OST and you guys should get it via download only. I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sony Ericsson K810i

Yep, I just went lux and got myself a K810i after getting a stealer deal from Bico. Used for 3-4 days for only KD 85! Brands new goes for like KD 110! That’s a steal! At first, I never liked the appearance of the phone, because I had a couple of phones in my mind. I was thinking about W910i (Future), K770i (Future) or even W960 (Future). Since none of them saw the light yet, I figured that I’d better get the best phone right now and stick with it for the mean time till Sony Ericsson thinks again about making a new OS system. I admit that I was gonna get K800i, but its bulkiness and keypad buttons distribution drove me off.

Slim, light and bright. That’s what I can say about the size and weight of this phone. Screen size is 320×240. New keypad layout for circular steel buttons. Awful shortcut keys.
3.2 MP camera with Xenon Flash and AF, RSS Reader, TrackID, FM Radio, Multimedia player, My Friends, HP Print, SMS/MSS/Email/Audio Message, Picture Blogging, etc.
For a detailed review, check this review at GSMArena, the best site for GSM mobiles worldwide.