Sony Ericsson W810i

The best mobile phone Sony Ericsson made till now. A walkman, FM radio, 512 MB memory card tossed in, portable speakers, EDGE, 2 MP camera with flash, Stereo head-phones with 3.5 mm jack. What more do you want? I still use this mobile phone, though I bought later newer SE models, aside from the great iPhone. This is one mobile phone to keep!! It’s already out of production!


Super Robot Taisen OG PS2 Arrives!!

It’s Saturday and according to Aramex customer center, I should be getting my game tomorrow since it’s gone all the Japan from Japan to USA to here .

Can’t wait to start kicking some Super Robot ass!! Hope there’s no delay from Aramex’s side nor any interference from the fucking MOI.
PS: Damn, I still gotta move on in my stalled SRW Alpha3 :S