Lobster Lake Restaurant: Lake of Death

Me and my friend, Abdullah, never went to a Chinese restaurant together, since most of what he likes is usually junk food places or sandwiches at the garages in Shuwaikh LOL. So, I decided yesterday to impress my good friend and take him to Lobster Lake Restaurant, which is located at Ras Al-Salimya, exactly at the Traffic light of the cross-section. I’ve went there maybe 3 times already and it was good, well good enough to fill the empty space that Little Dragon left behind when it sold out. So, to maintain the pact between me and Chinese food and since I did crave Chinese last night, we rushed through the typical Salmiya traffic around 2030 PM to Lobster Lake. To those who aren’t familiar with it, it used to be called Chinese Lake or Swan Lake or whatever, but they changed a while ago for no apparent reason.
The parking there is very very limited (hardly two cars can fit) and to get out you have to wrestle your way backing out through the incoming traffic, so it’s kinda of a hassle to get in and get out. The place is very small (two private cabinets, and around 4 small tables) and the A/C wasn’t working well and it was humid. Last night I found out that they actually have a bathroom!! They have a small radio player and it wasn’t on last night for no apparent reason so the environment was pretty stand still. When I asked to be seated in the private cabinet I was told that it was for families. I got pissed since I’ve always sat in the cabinet for the last 3 times I’ve been there with my friends. All of that makes them lost two full points.
Me and my buddy ordered:
  • Mixed Seafood fried rice (stiff, dry and tasteless).
  • Lobster Lake Deep fried Prawns Special (Huge stiff prawns deep fried in the thickest flour coating that made me feel like eating pieces of dry wood).
  • Fried Calamari (chewy, yet no spices added to change the fishy smell).
  • Two orders of Hot and Sour Soup (the only good thing there, and when I added a little soy sauce, it turned into a biohazard mix that you don’t want to know what it tasted it like afterwards).
  • Two Pepsi (served warm even with ice in the cups, just to let you know what kind of shitheads they are).

What more can I say? the total came out to KD 9.500! talk about major bullshit. I Feel good now since I left an awful restaurant behind my back and moving on to find a better one. When you get Indians cooking in Chinese restaurants, you usually get the typical trashy food you deserve. Two weeks ago, my wife was telling me about how her uncle was recommending this place to her (Like I don’t know about Chinese restaurants!) and I told her it was okay. When she asked me last night about it, I told her that I’d rather eat a dog than eat there again. Not worth the trip nor the time, and recommend it to taste-blinds.


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