Down The Toilet: Don Imus

Well, it seems that the butt-ugly Imus is flushed down the toilet, in a natural act which should have been done earlier because that’s where Imus and his likes belong to. My only complaint: How come all these years he’s been making stupid remarks about everybody and none had the balls to tell him in his face that he truly looks like a retard. I’m truly sick of his ugly images all over the news. The fucker is just butt-ugly.

First reply

In order to support our fight to protect the kuwaiti constitution, I’m writing this post to encourage people to carry this image or banner wherever you go. The kuwaiti people and their constitution are under attack by some power-driven idiots and their shitty-ass newspaper, Al-Watan. Al-Watan is trying to impose the thinking of these morons on the people and making it sound like the public is speaking, while everyone knows otherwise. My message to them: To hell with you jackasses and Screw Al-Watan!!! Please boycott this crappy newspaper and pass the word.

إلا الدستور

Columbus Cafe: Good times

Whenever I feel like drinking a cup of coffee, my first pick would be Columbus cafe in Al-Fanar. This is the only coffee shop that I can call home.
American coffee there taste like American coffee (even though the cafe is French), unlike other coffee shops where American coffee taste like shit (Does Starbucks sound familiar?). The drinks are very typical and nothing to complain about since they have everything except Shisha LOL!
The cafe staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is cool. To justify my opinion, I even checked it out at around 9:30 AM to see what is it like in the morning.The same smile, the same attitude and the same good taste.The music is always laid back and mellow. In the morning they sometimes play Fairuz which I thought was pretty nice for a change in taste.The food is really good there and sometimes they run out of it because I see people usually eat there more than they drink! They even handout gifts sometimes (I got a logo sticker and a calendar-bookmark!!). The crowd is usually half foreign, half local, although you don’t get tired from seeing new faces every time you step by.I really enjoyed watching World Cup 2006 matches there because the crowd was just awesome .Although none of the existing coffee shops in kuwait use the customer rewards program for obvious reasons (mainly because our Kuwaiti boys can’t get tired from camping in every coffee shop all day long!), the European branch of Columbus in France applied the program. Next time I step by, I’ll check for it. In the meantime, skip on Starbucks!

Gathering up the force

I’ve left this blog for a while. Life’s been keep me busy, aside from that fact that its awful here in kuwait. Well, I’ve researching for new directions and themes for my posts. After I’ve read many blogs from various places, I’ve decided to make it as simple and as layed-back as possible. Honestly, because there’s no internet connection in S.Surrah is the main reason behind my lag in blogging. The fuckers at work keep blocking shit and their KEMS subscription blows. I think my line for rants is lined up and the targets are clear in sight.