TV Crimes

I’ve quit watching public TV since like September 11 due to the much agitating bullshit that’s been going on in the world especially in the media. It seems like nothing is the same as before. Again, what made me hate American media more was the stupid propaganda broad casted from FOX NEWS and CNN under the direction of the Neo-Conservative Federal Regime. Got back to Kuwait and check out what beats FOX NEWS here:

Studio Gangsta: Now this guy went OJ Simpson on us. “I didn’t do it” and two days later “I did it” and then another video comes out and says the opposite. Day after day, Mr. Bin Laden has been gracing our TV with tag-lines and visions of a better world without the USA, forgetting that it’s part of the Arab and the Muslim identity to lie, brag and do nothing while the whole world moves on. I think he’s better off starting nationalism in the Japanese, they work hard too!

Believe it or not: Everyone in the world enjoyed watching this man performing his comedic sketches on live TV. Lie after lie, this man almost re-fueled the Cola wars! He has extraordinary abilities in twisting facts and made his own lingo, even Rumsfield couldn’t beat this man in making up bullshit to justify losses in war.

MAD TV: Without any doubt, the stupidest American ever! Keeps repeating words like Freedom, Osama, Saddam, Peace and terror in almost every speech, thinking that we never understood the words that keeps coming out of his mouth! Does this idiot have any idea who’s behind this world-wide tragedy? Does this joker take us for dummies? Bush, your day is going to come!
2 Hot for TV: Watching two male grown-ups locking lips is just THE worest thing you can view when you turn your TV on!

The Fallen Knight: Yielding a rusty sword against the fragile regimes of Sheikhood, Saddam never understood the mistake. He never realized who he was fucking with, forgetting that bigger white boys were always around the block. Well, he’s helpless now facing Iraqi niggers dying to lay a hand on his neck! He’s The biggest reason why rednecks are all over our backyard!

The Phantom Menace: Can anyone believe what this chick is doing to herself? She’s not even in her 30’s yet! Who the FUCK would dye her hair bright blonde? KTV, please have mercy on some of the surviving viewers and switch Munira 3ashor to radio or something!