It’s been a while!

Wow, it’s been more than a month and I really missed blogging like hell. I’ve been quiet busy with the married life, shitty work, the aftermath of Ramdan and recently my family lost a member, and we pray God to bless his soul. Well, I spent most of the time playing GBA and DS games (bought a couple of interesting titles that kept me going!) and trying to get going in this huge novel that I’ve going to talk about soon. Aside from that, J-Dramas befriended me on long dark nights. I’ll talk more about in detail in upcoming posts! In the meantime, stay cool!

Fall of the Wizard


Two days ago, I was hanging out with my buddies at Marina Mall and while we were cruising, we stepped by Virgin Mega store. I went to check the latest releases of metal and hard rock music and this is what hit me. Ozzy Osbourne’s current record label released for the 2nd time his albums in a new “Remastered” format. I don’t think all of his albums are re-released, but I was still in shock. I mean who would want to remaster his albums for the 2nd time? After detailed inspection and reading customer feedback for the new remastered albums at, I realized that Ozzy is better off dead.

This man has brought in new musicians to scrap off the musical tracks in his old albums so he could rip off the old musicians of their royalties! Can you believe such an asshole exist in this world? No true artist with pure love for his music would do cheap acts such as the mentioned above except Ozzy and his beloved witch, Sharon Osbourne. Ozzy has broken a record for not making a good album since the Ultimate Sin album (1986) and yet still claims the throne of Hard Rock! The Osbourne’s is the only family in the planet who is eager to exploit their children and expose their dysfunction as a family on TV for money. Aside from that, Ozzy hit gold when he took over Black Sabbath once and for all when he saw how the fans wanted the reunion so bad and it was timed right after the continuous decline in his concert ticket sales due to a growing loss of voice and fitness. Ozzy must have been thinking ”Ozzy Osbourne Feat. Black Sabbath” tag-line for a promo poster when he agreed to the final reunion, after almost 20 years of verbal attacks on Black Sabbath!

To Mr. Osbourne:

By featuring hot bands on Ozzfest bills to rip off fans through high prices for tickets and consumables, falsely claiming credit for Hard Rock/Metal revival, abusing Black Sabbath to prolong your ended career and dubbing your old albums to deny fellow musicians their low royalties it seems that you have driven the last nail in your coffin. Adding bonus tracks and new linear notes to these new bogus remastered albums won’t buy us off, Ozzy!