We will be back, Andalusia!

Andalusia is the Spanish name of Al-Andalus, the southern part of Spain which was conquered and colonized by the Arabs and the Moors back in the days. Moors and Arabs colonized this place by making it an oasis of knowledge, architecture and power. Since the fall of the Muslim state there and losing the place, Andalusia never regained its once-known fame. Now, farmers and settlers in Andalusia celebrate each year the victory over the Muslims by detonating a dummy made to appear like the Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him and making long marches full of crusader flags and at night anti-Muslim plays run at local theaters. Such hatred still exist after all of these centuries in the heart of these motherfuckers. Such hatred give us, the Muslim, a reason to kill these fuckers mercilessly. Behold, children of the crusade, for we will be back!