Nintendo DS: SD Gundam G-Generation DS

While I was writing the first part one of this post, I couldn’t stop myself from connecting some GBA games to Nintendo DS’. Nintendo DS is the formal answer to Sony PSP and their trash talk about what they can do with their hand-held. Anyone who has seen the PSP got to admit that it’s a powerful machine. Although PSP sounds like a powerhouse, it lacks originality in features and support from 3rd parties in creating original games, not the repeatedly ported games from console to another. Porting starts in the negative side at first, till it proves its competence and surpasses the original format. Well, in case you side with Nintendo and get a DS, this is what you should buy:

SD Gundam G Generation DS.

Bandai knew that the success of SDGGGA on GBA would demand another part on the DS, and boy they couldn’t wait. From the first impressions, I knew that I’d buy this game blindfolded. The graphics and the neat animated cut-scenes won my heart. The music is based on the original sound tracks of the Gundam anime shows. The cast in this game is huge since there are many split routes and different scenarios to follow. Like always, Bandai offers us secret characters to hunt and make this game more enjoyable. Although anyone could notice that there are some limitations in the usage of the power of the DS, Bandai rushed this game faster than schedule to meet the fan demand. I wish that they’d make a better follow-up.