Wanted Dead or Alive!

Its been like almost 5 full years since the last time I had a beef jerky. I can’t forget the taste. I used to buy a one every time I hit the gas station for gas or drinks. Even when I shop for groceries at Wal-Mart, I’d pass by the snacks section to get a nice bag of dry, chewy strips of beef. Each brand has its own variety of flavors. No female understands the male-dominated beef jerky craze. Every hormone in every male body screams for free sex, beer, nicotine, daily action, infinite money, bad-ass cars, sports, good steaks, lusty strippers and beef jerky.
The image here shows my all-time favorite brand, which I used to buy from gas stations. For around $1 you get the best 100% pure beef jerky stick tightly-packaged with a length-wise cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese stick. The aroma of the beef jerky mixed with the tangy taste of the cheddar cheese will surely hits the spot! Mr. Beef Jerky stick is surely missed.

Must See JTV

I never mentioned this, but I’m a Japanese drama freak. I have to admit that Japanese drama is the only drama shows that I watch since like 4 years ago, or more like since Seinfeld re-runs are over and nothing is interesting anymore on TV. I’ve watched many good shows and some awful shows (I’ll mention the awful shows later in a special post) and after watching 2-4 shows, you’ll figure out the general format for a standard Japanese drama as usually requested from popular Japanese TV stations.
I watch drama shows as they come coded and subtitled all for free, thanks to subtitling fangroups like JTV, Studio Otto and Mugen and many other fansub groups I’ll list at the bottom of this post. Anyway, about 60-70% of the shows come in the 11-12 episodes formula. Many shows carry famous J-Pop songs as opening/ending title themes as an extra boost for viewer attention. Also, if you’re into the J-Pop scene, you’ll see many J-Pop artists starring in drama shows, since a lot have tried their luck in acting and found it as better way to launch their careers.
The following is what I can recommend to get you hooked into watching Japanese drama:

A place to get most of these shows (for free!) is D-Addicts. From there, you can go checking out other fangroups and see their projects.