Gameboy Advance: Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls.

Time to deliver some video games lists. Well, I’d like to start off today with Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This machine re-wrote history for hand-helds and lifted Nintendo from its N64 setback and the early weak sales of Game Cube. Game Boy has always been a winning game console in its many manifestations (well, except for Virtual Boy) and Game Boy Advance SP without any doubt received the best hardware design. So, if you’re going to grab a one by chance, why don’t you check out this games and by the way, I’m going to use the Japanese cover boxes, since it has better art than its US/European counter.

Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls.

Two redrawn, redesigned FF games packed in one cartridge with all-new monsters, side quests and story line and a compelling price. I had doubts about buying it, but I sure was never mistaken because this tiny legend rocks!.