FM radio in Kuwait

Since the release of Ipod and the creation of podcasts, I’ve realized that people still listen to radio, which is totally cool. To many, radio is an important part of their lives. The service is free and it helps to pass time during traffic jams. It’s also a conversation filler, a great medium to release new albums on and a better solution when two can’t decide by mutual agreement on what music to listen to during road trips. Sometimes when I’m driving and being bored of my CD’s, I’d just turn on the radio and check what’s going on in this infinite wireless small universe. I can’t believe that people still send faxes, e-mails and letters to their favorite radio programs. I thought that was way back then, before the internet, but it seems that some would never change and that’s ok. After the launch of many satellite music video channels and satellite radio, people stopped turning on their radios. Truly, Video killed the Radio. So, I’ve decided to support our beloved media since I used to be a volunteer DJ for WDBX Community radio in Southern Illinois and I have experienced the feeling that no one is listening to me while working hard on Saturday and Sunday mornings to deliver the best to everybody. Salute to all DJs! And if you’re stepping by Kuwait, tune up to one of these radio stations:

92.5 Easy FM: Simply the best variety of Easy Listening, Cool Jazz, Classical, New Age, Golden Classics and Adult contemporary. Sometimes they run out of musical resources which is a bad reputation to MOI since the station is state-run. My favorite radio station in Kuwait.

96.9 VOA: The voice of the US government. It has some good variety of programs and subjects as learning American history, teaching English on different levels and political/medical debates between well-recognized speakers and expertise. Although the channel should be renamed to Voice Of Propaganda due to the political trash and imperial views they’re broadcasting, I still check it from time to time since it seldom plays Rock music and keeps running commercial pop and hip-hop, which I dislike.

90.1 BBC Arabic: An important source for news when you don’t want to listen to the official propaganda from the state-run TV and radio stations here in Kuwait. Although BBC Arabic maintains a concrete red line not to cross when it comes to news regarding the evil Zionist State of Israel, they try to show bias through exclusive interviews and argumentative articles which has to be approved by the main BBC HQ before broadcast, just to show that BBC Arabic is not more than a pawn. I usually check it for its variety programs and weird news section.

99.7 Super Station FM: If you to listen to all kinds of music, try this one. It used to be the best station back then, where music was clean and hard. But since the arrival of gay boy-bands, singing monkeys and swinging sluts the music scene went downhill like an avalanche. So no wonder that most of the music being played is plainly commercial from the start. Used to play great Rock music, but just like MTV, it quit the good music in favor of awful rap and white pop.