Sega GameGear: Bare Knuckle II

The 3rd post in this series is about Sega GameGear, a lost gem from the 90s. This machine was all of my life back then in high school. Bright colors, excellent list of games and better grip than Game Boy. Although Nintendo did beat Sega in acquiring more 3rd party licenses and exclusive releases for Game Boy, Sega had a good fan base in the US and a better advertisement campaign. The downfall of Game Gear started when Sega was looking at other options beyond their Mega Drive since Nintendo’s Super Famicom was gaining props from all video games magazines for the exclusive excellent releases of Street Fighter II, Castlevania 4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. Starting with the Mega-CD and moving on to 32X, Sega mostly depended on 3rd party publishers to release GG games. I knew that Game Gear days were over whenever I checked the releases lists or E3 news in EGM, and saw no sign of any plans for blockbuster releases. I think that this machine had great potential for improvement in the hardware, which was what all the players were complaining about. The size was too big, the sound could have been made externally stereo, the battery consumption problem and the annoying bright display. The most thing I loved about GG is the Japanese cover art for games. This system had some of the best artwork for game boxes, I just feel terrible for not saving those boxes. I’ll try next to upload some images of scanned manuals I still have. The following is a start of a list of the best GG games to own:

Bare Knuckle II.
A port of the Mega Drive release, this release was reduced in game size to fit into one game cart. Max is out of the game and the sprites were minimized to fit into the small screen. Let’s not forget that Adam was also skipped in the 1st part on GG, so axing Max out wasn’t surprising at all. The music sounded tiny but was faithful to the works of Mr. Yuzo Koshiro. A super move was added to make the game more interesting, although it got hard at some points due to sluggish movement. Still, the best Beat’em up on a handheld during those days. The funny thing about this game is the look of our heroes on the title screen, it sounds corny!