Heaven Can Wait ~10 Metal CDs to own while you’re still alive~

Trapped on a small piece of land in the middle of the ocean? Got an iPod? well, you might like to have these albums to keep your rockin’ till God-knows when your fingers would crack of drawing SOS’ on the sand. Switch on your Ipod and Heaven can wait!

  • Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz (1980): Out of Black Sabbath, Ozzy wanted to do something different. Tagged with Guitar hero Randy Rhoads (RIP), they made the best album recorded by Ozzy till now. I still listen to this one!!

  • Deep Purple’s In Rock (1970): The best lineup at their best time, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice and Blackmore rocked the world with this album. Forget Machine Head, this is Purple!

  • Iced Earth’s The Dark Saga (1996): Equipped with a new singer, tried a new format (Burnt Offerings) and placing bets on a new territory for the band: a concept album. Teaming with McFlarin, Iced Earth produced their best album ever using basic melodies and simple orchestration. The story of the band after this album became a dark saga.

  • Dream Theater’s Scenes from a memory (1999): Taking the idea from a song in their previous album (Images & Words), Dream Theater produced the most complicated and alluring concept album to be made by a progressive rock band in our current time. You have to listen to this album like more than 2 times to get it. I think I listened to it like 5 times already and I can’t stop thinking about it. I was touched by it.

  • Rainbow’s Rising (1977): Rainbow, Blackmore and Dio, the holy trinity. I’d sell my soul to see them live. In this album you’re gonna hear Cozy Powell (RIP) smashing drums like you’ve never heard him before. All rock giants agree that this is the heaviest and the best Rainbow sound to be heard and you gotta believe them, cuz when the CD starts, you’ll go crackin’!! Just listen to Stargazer and A light in the black.

  • Led Zeppelin’s first four albums (1969/1971): I think there’s no need to say anymore about Led Zeppelin because the name stands out for itself. I bought this bootlegged hits tape from Fahaheel and when I was taking my summer class in Carbondale, man, that tape was blastin’ my Jeep speakers! Dýer Maker was running all day long! Made my sweet summer memories come true!

  • Dio’s Holy Diver (1982): Till this day, this album blows our sound systems. Tagged with new face on the scene, Vivian Campbell, Dio left Sabbah in its disastrous case to pursue a successful solo career. Correction: Dio left Sabbath to write History.

  • Black Sabbath’s Heaven & Hell (1980): Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler dropped Ozzy Osbourne to move the band to a better place, and they were right about it. Recruiting Dio to write the greatest Sabbath album ever, Heaven and Hell is surely in the top ten of any hard rock album list because you just can’t ignore its power. I haven’t heard till now any album as strong and good as this one. Dio’s magic and Iommi’s riffs stole our souls.

  • Iron Maiden’s Powerslave (1984): After trying out Bruce Dickenson in Number of the beast, Iron Maiden stole the world in their best live tour and their acclaimed album, Powerslave. From 1984 till early 90s, Iron Maiden was Rock and Rock was Iron Maiden. You just can’t live without getting this!

  • Demons & Wizards’ Self titled (2000): Iced Earth and Blind Guardian teaming up to make an album? it sounded like too good to be true. But when the news hit the media, rockers went frenzy. Gaining musical awards due to its musical quality, this collaboration should have been named the dream team. You truly gotta listen to this!

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