Noodles Restaurant: Don’t even bother

Date: Thursday , March 23rd, 2006
Time: 14:00 Hrs.
This was my first visit to this restaurant. I’ve seen it many times while I drove by Salmiya, and wondered how the food would taste like, since Kuwait is one of the last places in earth where you might want to try Chinese food. I’ve craved noodles today, and asked my friend to try this restaurant, where after having lunch there, it motivated me to create write this post and start my own blog.

The restaurant
The atmosphere of this restaurant is OK, though there was no background music playing at all (it wasn’t a prayer time anyway). The view was kinda of bad since it was overlooking some empty parking lots, full of sand. So the view was just plain yellowish. There was no A/C going on, which made me wonder if this place has any. The menu looked promising, though after checking it twice, I realized that it had only about 4-5 items of noodles. I mean the restaurant is named “Noodles” and the logo shows chopstick with noodles in it, this place barely had any, which was kinda of sad. I noticed that there was a note in the menu that goes like “Black mushrooms are added upon request”. Another note went like “Friend rice (without eggs)”. I wondered if this restaurant was going cheap on the customers, although the prices were reasonable. Me and my friend love hot & sour soup, which is one of the rarest food items in Kuwait to be found perfected or at least brought close to the Chinese taste standard. So we gambled and ordered two soup cups, without the fishy prawns, and confirmed the flavor to be as usual, spicy. For a side dish, we thought that dim sum would be cool, but our enjoyment came to an end when the waiter told us that it would take around 30 minutes to prepare it, so we threw that one out and ordered a set of 6 pieces of shrimp on toast, which should taste good. I craved Mongolian beef, which I was addicted to back in the states, so I ordered a dish of Mongolian beef with “black mushroom”, and a dish of vegetable fried rice with ”eggs”. My friend ordered mushroom noodles with cashew.

Hot & sour soup
I never tasted anything as sour as this one. I realized that excessive amounts of soy sauce, vinegar and lemon was added to create this soup. I mean, the first few spoons and I realized that I was trying something which should be discarded as a hazardous mixture. I can’t imagine how people did try this soup before. My eyes went watery and I couldn’t eat this. This was the first phase of what to come.

Shrimp on toast
Not as well done as Little Dragon Restaurant’s (Next Review, hopefully), smaller in size, and had excessive amount of sesame seeds on it, which is unusual for this dish. It tasted okay. But the layer of shrimp paste was pretty thin.

Vegetable fried rice with eggs
The type of rice used in this dish wasn’t the correct type, since it was long and dry, not very good for a fried rice dish. Also, mushroom was mistakenly included in the mixture. Overall, the rice was dry.

Mongolian Beef with black mushroom
I don’t know, but this was definitely not Mongolian beef. I mean, give or take, the main ingredients of a Mongolian beef dish are slices of beef in sauce, slices of onion and green onion shoots and some times maybe even sliced pieces of carrot and it goes like that. But I don’t think green pepper, and some other stuff I didn’t recognize are part of it. The dish was okay, but not original. I just want to know where they do they bring their recipes from.

Mushroom noodles with cashew
My friend suffered through this dish. At first glance, I knew that they used the commercially cheap instant noodles ”Indomi“, which is not suitable at all for restaurant serving (college food). The pack of this noodles cost around 30 fils or something like that, and to be charged more than 1 KD is just rip-off. My friend could have had it at home for not cost at all. Adding mushroom, cashew and green pepper meant nothing to the sole taste of this dish. The noodles itself were pretty dry since they dried it of its broth.

Final judgment
Trust me, after this first time, I wouldn’t bother for a second for the next 20 years to come. I felt sad because we paid 11.500 KD for a lunch which I did best my best to overlook its taste. If you hate somebody, take him there.
I can’t believe they even have a website! Check it out: Noodles Restaurant

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